European Schools Project

20th conference of the ESP Association
in collaboration with the COMP@CT network and the ECOLE network

"The eMagic of Learning and Teaching"

--How  to keep on creating it 

The 20th conference of the ESP Association and
the Comenius 3 networks COMP@CT-ECOLE
starts on Thursday March 9, 2006 and ends on Sunday March 12, 2006.
Wednesday March 8, 2006 Comenius Contact and Teacher Training Seminars will be organised.

Conference centre: Hotel Tulip Inn, Amsterdam


Thank you

Henk Sligte, Aad Nienhuis, and Robert Barkey


Conference Programme

The COMENIUS contact and Teacher training seminars


Memorandum of Understanding signed between eTwinning's CSS, European Schoolnet, and ESP Association

Conference fees

How to get funded?


Call for proposals for workshops and interactive presentations

We will meet both in buildings of the University of Amsterdam and in the buildings of the Open Schoolgemeenschap ijlmer. And we will meet in the hotel.

The 20th ESP conference coincided with the EU-ASIA Learning Bridges workshop for teachers from the Philippines and Europe.


 (Source: eJounal pages)