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ESP conference in 2001

March 22 - March 25

Under the protectorate of the department of education of Schleswig-Holstein

Organization: Uta Krope und Dr. Karl Sarnow

All speakers are encouraged to submit their presentation in advance to Karl Sarnow, who will prepare the print of proceedings to be distributed at the start of the conference. Additionally all presentations will be published on the ESP(de) web server.

Poster presentation

During the conference, there will be walls for the presentation of posters in the Foyer of the conference hall. Poster may be placed there and will be visible during the whole conference. 


Thursday, 22 March 2001
Time Title Referent Room Comment
10:00 ORG meeting ­ ­ For co-ordinators only. 
Co-ordinators arrive on Wednesday, 21 March 2000.
14.00 Check in ­ ­ ­
15:30 Opening of the conference Dr. Ralf Stegner HS Secretary of state: Department of education, sciences and culture.
16:00 Words of welcome Prof. Dr. Walther Reimers HS ­
16:15 The ESP Henk Sligte HS Overview of the history, present state and future of the European Schools Project.
17:00 BioNet e.V. Pierre Volpe HS International science projects in the classroom.
17:45 C³ in education: 
Computers, Curriculum and Classroom.
A 3D-puzzle.
Göte Dahland HS How technology influences teaching, which technology need teachers,and how to puzzle it together for classroom usage.
18:30 Dinner ­ ­ ­
20.30 L3N, onlinelearning Hartmut Karrasch HS IPTS-Kiel. This presentation will be available online for all ESP friends at home. Please register via -----------
Friday, 23 March 2001
9:00 CERN's programme for Physics Teachers: teaching strategies
and didactic material in view of the developments in science and technology
Michelangelo Mangano HS Report on CERN's support for Physics
9:30 FSuB e.V. Christian Selig HS Open source in public education: 
How to gain competence and save money in one step.
10:00 EU support of schools Ursula Oehring-Haferkorn HS Sponsoring of international school partnerships.
10:30 InfoSCHUL Hartmut Koch HS Innovative technology in german classrooms.
11:00 Coffe break ­ ­ ­
11.15 Transpro John Rullestad, Kirsten Anttila HS Projectmethod
11.45 UNESCO ASP Project in Bosnia and Hercegovina Peter Obermeier HS Selected presentation.
12:15 Lunch ­ ­ ­
13.15 Flexible Schools - a new way to learn Tom Holloway and
Beatrix Oliver
HS Selected presentation.
13.40 SOFIA - the flying teacher lounge Ruth Titz HS Selected presentation.
14.05 Tele-School International Grahame
HS Selected presentation.
Project presentations I,II,HS Parallel presentations in three rooms. 
Time Exact sciences Social sciences Languages Comment
14.30 Andreas Kratzer: Hands on Universe Nick Hoebe: The Smyle-project. Rainer Fussgänger:
The Goethe North Portale
14.55 Jürgen Ganzer: Environment&Health Cees Brederwald: Renwable Energy Ivana Solnickova: Business correspondence project ­
15.20 Reinhold Link: TerraData/Medical plants Uta Krope: The Women project Herbert Zickfeld:
Multimedia education.
15.45 Hans-Christian Zapp: Erathostenes Andreas Kratzer: Public Understanding of Nuclear Science (PANS) Andreas Borrmann:
The new millenium
16.10 Karl Sarnow: E&H Statistics (RadioData, Gravity) Robert Barkey: The Multimedia communication program KeeBoo Kirsten M. Anttila: 2001, the European Year of Languages. ­
16.35 ­ Nick Hoebe: Small
E-Mail projects.
­ ­
17.00 Preparatory meeting in the great Hall
17.30 Receipt at the Mayor of Rendsburg Old town hall
19.00 dinner ­ ­ ­


Saturday, 24 March 2001
Time Exact sciences Social sciences Languages Comment
9.00 Project work ­ I,II,HS Project work in 3 groups (exact science, social science, languages). Groups may create subgroups, which use different rooms. To be organized at conference time.
The report of each group is included in the proceedings of the meeting in the WWW documentation.
13.00 Lunch ­ ­ ­
14.00 Departure by bus Heidrun Voss/Jeannie Nebert ­ Visit of Haithabu near Schleswig
20.00 Social event Annelore Brammer Arsenal Rendsburg International market place of sweets.
Sunday, 25 March 2001
9:00 Resumee Henk Sligte ­ Sum up, last things and good bye.
12:00 Departure/Lunch ­ ­ ­

Your way to the conference

The conference will take place at the Fachhochschule Kiel (FH Kiel):

University of Applied Studies
Fachbereich Landbau
Am Kamp 11
24783 Osterrhönfeld
Fax: (+49)4331/845-141

By car

Rendsburg is located at the Nord-Ostsee channel in Schleswig-Holstein, which links the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. The city of Rendsburg is located about 30km west of Kiel, the capital of Schleswig-Holstein.  You can reach it from all directions via the Highway A7 (Flensburg-Hamburg-Hannover ...) or A210 from Kiel.



You may also find your way by using the WEB.DE route planner.

All other transport

However you come to Germany and wherever you enter Germany: Once you are in the country, you are recommended to use "Die Bahn" to come to Rendsburg. You can find your way by clicking on this link to the travel service. Your destination is Rendsburg. Input your entry location in Germany to find your way, get the prices and find the train(s) which bring you to our meeting.
From the railway station you either take a taxi to the locaction of our meeting or write us in advance when you come. We will then try to arrange a shuttle service.

Good luck.

©Dr. Karl Sarnow,Gymnasium Isernhagen, March 2001.