European Schools Project

The 8th Conference European Schools Project The Netherlands 1994


Welcome to you all 

We like to welcome you in Amsterdam on the 8th Conference of the European Schools Project. The European Schools Project (ESP) evolved from research and development projects conducted by the University of Amsterdam in 1987- 1988.

In October 1988 the first ESP-meetings were held at the London Polytechnic and Swadelands School. Around this time the Birth of ESP can be situated.

The second meeting was in January 1989 at Augustinus College in Amsterdam, leading to the first European Teletrip, involving Swadelands School, Gymnasium GroBburgwedel, Augustinus College Amsterdam, and some involvement of Escola Dona Maria ifi, Porto.

Autumn 1989 the 3rd ESP teacher meeting took place at Gymnasium GroBburgwedel, introducing the fifth country: Denmark. 

The 4th meeting in FredensborglCopenhagen had become so extended that it was a conference. The sixth country was present: Espafia. In total 40 participants, representing about the same number of schools, spent two days evaluating and designing collaborative distance learning projects.

The 5th Conference took place in Lenham, England, with yet more participants, from more countries. This tendency was prolonged on our 6th conference in Toledo, Espafia, in 1992, having East-European guests for the first time, and on our 7th conference in Schwerte, Bundesrepublik Deutschland, where we gathered last year, with representatives of 14 countries participating.


Now, March 1994, almost five-and-a-half years since the conception and birth of ESP, we will see how ESP has taken another step in its development, not only in numbers, but also in quality:

the quality of educational tele-projects, the heart of it all, 

the quality of the mutual support we can give to each other, and 

the quality of the organizational and technological infrastructure. 

To achieve these steps towards increases in quality, . . .and quantity, a lot of work is to be done;
and part of it will be done here in Amsterdam. 

The organisers