Kirsten M. Anttila CV


Kirsten M. Anttila, M. Ed.


Senior Consultant


University College UCC, International Relations, Centre for International Cooperation in Education, CICED


Coordinating international educational activities since 1987. Tutor at e-learning and face-to-face courses in how to organize and run international virtual collaborative projects.

CICED and other relevant assignments:

National coordinator 1987 – 2006 of European Schools Project-DK. A project to support international collaboration within 30 countries in Europe and beyond.

Member of the ESP Board: 1990 – 2006

Vice chairman of the ESP Board: 1990 - 2005

Erasmus coordinator 2003 – 2005

Engaged in the development and running of the Image educational materials: 1990 – 2009

Coordinator for the Comenius 2.1 in-service e-learning project PROMISE. 2001 – 2005.

Partner in the Comenius 3, network project: ECOLE 2001 – 2004

Engaged in the development of the ECOLE eLearning course materials 2001 - 2009

Partner in the Danida supported ‘Youth meeting Youth’ pilot project 2002 - 2003, a collaboration involving schools and other educational institutions in Denmark, Kenya and Zambia.

Partner and tutor in the Comenius 2.1 (2.2) in-service projects: PIST 1996 – 1998 and TRANSPRO.1998 – 2000.

Consultant and tutor in the Nordic-Baltic Language project, part of the Nordic Council of Ministers ’Open and Distance Learning in Teacher Training’ programme, 1998-99

Consultant in various Danish and European IT development programmes: 1984 - 1998

Ide & oplæg: Viljenka Savli, Slovenien